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Course Duration

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Job Openings


There are over 840 job openings for
tech sales roles in Singapore

Median Salary

$90k per annual

An entry-level Sales Development Rep makes $90k per annual

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Tech Sales is not your Typical Sales

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High earning potential

According to Bravado, the average annual salary for an entry-level Sales Development Representative (SDR) in Singapore is S$90,000, with the potential to earn $200,000+ in the following years.
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Solution Selling

Tech-sales involves higher-value B2B products that require careful consideration and involve multiple decision-makers. Learn the art of uncovering needs, building rapport, and providing a customized solution.
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Tech Sales is Boundless

Learn the technology tools such as Salesforce, Sales Navigator, Apollo.io and 10+ more to be able to reach out to any businesses anywhere around the world.

Land your dreamJob in Tech Sales!

Breaking into a tech sales role is hard – excelling at the job is even harder. To succeed as a sales development rep, you need to be strategic, be comfortable facing rejections, and prioritising the right activities. Sales is a tough grind. You're only as good as the number you deliver. Expect to face a steep learning curve that never goes away. That is why we exist.

Our tech sales courses are designed and led by some of the most successful Tech Sales Leader in the industry, the Tech Sales Certification (TSC) is here to give you the support you need to feel confident in landing your dream job.
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4-week Course Overview

This 4-week tech sales course is designed by salespeople for new and experienced SDRs looking to break into a career in tech sales, overachieve on their targets, and build a solid foundation in sales.
Learn the winning formula in securing a tech sales job
Over achieve on your targets
Meet target more quickly, easily and consistently
Course Curriculum

What you’ll learn inside our curriculum

1. Personifying the Mindset of Highly Effective Sellers

Sales Career + Mindset

  • Understanding Sales at large: different industries and earning potentials.
  • Understanding tech business models (SaaS, PaaS, and more) and industry terminologies.
  • Understanding how selling in the APAC market differs from the EMEA or US market.
  • Differentiating between complex sales and simple sales.
  • Setting the right mindset for a lifelong career in sales.
    Setting intentional goals to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Learning how to design your day, week, and month to be a top-performing representative.

2. Understanding Who Your Customers Are and How They Think

Ideal Customer Profile + Use cases

  • Ideal customer profile/target personas.
  • Pain Statement + Messaging.
  • Problem/Pain/Implication.
  • Use cases and budget.
  • Understanding how to tier accounts (Tier 1, 2, or 3).

3. Mastering the Art and Science of Prospecting

Prospecting - E-mail, Cold Calls, Creatives, and More

  • E-mail Prospecting
  • Cold-Call Prospecting
  • Creative Prospecting: Gifting, Videos, Social Selling
  • Low Hanging Fruit Strategies

4. Running Great Discovery - How to Do It Right

Sales Methodology

  • Qualification Techniques (BANT, MEDDIC, Sandler’s, COTM)
  • Full Cycle Sale (Simple or Complex Sale)
  • Inbound versus Outbound
  • Common Objection Handling

5. Using Sales Technology Tools to Stay Productive

Sales Technology

  • Prospecting Tools: Zoominfo, Apollo.io, Lusha
  • CRM: Salesforce/HubSpot/Zendesk
  • Sales Engagement Platform: Salesloft/Outreach
  • AI Tool: ChatGPT, Mailshake

6. Standing Out in Your Interviews and Landing Your First Role

Interview Prep + Securing your role

  • Career Development Coaching
  • Building a Resume & Linkedin Profile
  • Job Interview Preparation and Standing Out
  • Treat Job Hunting as a Sales Process
  • Networking, LinkedIn Community + Resources
Accelerated roadmap

6 Months Post Course Support

By adhering to its milestones, we’re confident students would secure a role within this timeframe.
Assigned Weekly Sales Target
Weekly scheduled check-ins with career coach
Interview Prep/Mock interview Role-play
Mentorship Support by Top Tech Sales Professionals
Singapore Tech Sales Courses
Why Sales School

Not just any school

Everything you need to succeed as a Sales Development Rep. From getting your first job to over-achieving in your first 90 days, the tech sales course will set you up for a very successful career.
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Taught by Top Salespeople

Get coached by the best sales reps from top companies such as Salesforce, Supermetrics, LinkedIn, Coursera, and more.
Sales tech school

Become an SDR from day #1

You'll be given a real sales target and a weekly activity goal to earn your certificate.
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Job Search & Alumni Support

Build a resume that stands out with like-minded people and network with alumni, mentors, and your instructors.
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Career Coaching

Group Mastery Circles or 1:1 career success coaching, in-depth growth tracking, promotion and career pathing.

Upcoming dates

16 May - 08 Jun

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Thursday: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm (Online Class)
Saturday: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (Online Class)

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04 July - 27 July

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15 Aug - 07 Sept

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Thursday: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm (Online Class)
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Singapore First Tech Sales Bootcamp with a job guarantee

🤝 *For those who qualify for the job-guaranteed admission, you pay $500 at enrolment and only pay the remaining $5,000 when you land a job.
💸 Pay Only $500 upfront
Pre-Release Batch:

$5,500 SGD

$10,500 SGD

*Only applicable for the first 3 batches (till June 2024)
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Tech Sales Bootcamp Singapore
Singapore Tech Sales Courses

Admission Policy

Minimum Qualification:
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Possess great interpersonal skills
  • Competitive and drive
  • Coachability and quick learning ability
  • Minimum: Diploma or Equivalent Graduate
  • Singaporean or PR
Job Guarantee Requirements:
  • Successful completion of all mandatory coursework, core projects and career development tasks
  • Fulfill all post-completion job search requirements
Why Sales School
Our Admission Process

Step 1: Submit your application

Start your career by completing our "Join Waitlist" or "Enroll Now" form.

Step 2: Speak with our Admissions team

Book a 30mins calendly meeting with our admission team for us to review your application and answer any questions you have.

Step 3: Technical Test (30mins)

Test your copywriting skills and ability to think critically.
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Frequently asked questions

What is tech sales?

Tech sales is the process of selling technology as a software, hardware, or an IT service. Unlike buying a candy at a store where there is less thought given when making a purchase, buying technology software can be a complex-buying process involving multiple decision-makers and considerations. This complexity arises from the fact that software solutions often do not come cheap and it require effort to integrate it. Most technology sales products are software-as-a-service (SaaS).

How does our Job Guarantee work?

These are three ways we work with you to ensure you have the highest probability of securing a role within 6 months.

1. Our Partners: We have built a network of hiring partners to whom we can recommend our graduates.
2. Standing Out: We will teach you how to build your personal brand so that you can secure more interviews.
3. Playing Offense: We will teach you prospecting skills and strategies to prospect the dream companies you want to work for.

Sales is a numbers game. By executing the minimum sales activities we expect from you each week, both during and after the boot camp, you should secure a role within 6 months of graduating. Additionally, we make a conscious effort to determine your eligibility at the point of enrolment.

Our promise: If you are unable to secure a role 6 months after graduating, despite completing all the requirements in our enrolment contract, you can keep the knowledge and skills attained from the boot camp and would not need to pay the remaining course fee.

The inverse is also true: if you do not commit to the weekly tasks and deliverables outlined in the enrolment contract or decide you are no longer pursuing a career in technology sales, you will need to pay the remaining course fees.

Why is there a limit of 20 students per class?

At Sales School, we believe in keeping our class sizes small, with an average of just 15-20 students per class. This ensures our instructors can provide personalized coaching. At the same time, the class is big enough for you to benefit from shared learning and networking with students from different background.

Why take a tech sales course when there are a lot of materials online for free?

The role of a sales development rep can be argued to be one of the toughest jobs, especially when your target depends on your ability to make cold calls and be strategic in prospecting.

We know that the internet is filled with countless free contents and resources. The real question is, do you know exactly where to begin?

At Sales School, we guide you with a clear direction. Time is money.

If you wander about the internet cluelessly, trying to absorb all the information, you may not know what pitfalls or traps to avoid.

By learning from expert instructors, we help you prevent these costly mistakes by giving you the knowledge, skills, and the network to shorten your time in securing a role so that you can set yourself up for a long and fulfilling career in sales.

'If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.'

How did the Sales School start?

Hey, I’m Matthew, one of the instructors at Sales School. In 2021, I worked for a fashion school but felt unfulfilled and underpaid. I always knew I wanted to work for a tech company with an impactful mission. I discovered tech sales through a friend at Salesforce but couldn't find a course to bridge the knowledge and skill gap. Despite applying to hundreds of tech jobs, I faced rejections due to a lack of tech experience or stronger candidates. I was frustrated, upset, and accepted that I might just not be good enough.

Fast forward to 2022, an old friend in tech sales inspired me to try again. With his mentorship on how to play the offensive, I applied to 50 roles, had 8 recruiter calls, went through 3 final rounds, and received 2 offers. Finally, on August 1, 2022, I landed my first tech sales role. A year later, I became the global 2nd top Sales Development Representative (SDR) among 20+ reps. I generated over 200 outbound sales meetings and surpassed my sales target. Tech sales changed my life, and I want to use the skills I've acquired to coach the next generation of hungry individuals struggling to stand out from hundreds of qualified candidates and bridge the skill gap.

Which types of students tend to perform well in this bootcamp?

Our bootcamp has seen success with students with prior traditional sales experience or individuals who have customer facing experience (Poly, Universities, sports, internship, etc).

The most successful students are those who are highly curious and eager to acquire new knowledge. They use the live classes as an opportunity to actively participate in role-plays, class exercises and asking questions. They have an extreme bias in taking action and holding themselves accountable to our weekly goals.

Our bootcamp aims to speed up the learning process by applying the knowledge learnt in class on actual customers to get real feedback. Thus, allowing students to master the foundational skills through practice.

Who are my Sales School instructors?

Our instructors are top sales reps who works at some of the biggest tech companies such as Salesforce, Linkedin, HubSpot and more. As experienced professionals, they definitely know what it takes to be a top performer and getting hired.

Do employers care about bootcamp?

Yes. Many employers - Including Stripe, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google - recruit bootcamp graduates instead of limiting hiring to candidates with traditional degrees. Students who complete the bootcamps come out of their training with the skills they need to secure entry-level tech positions.

What is the future career outlook for tech sales?

Technology sales is the fastest-growing sales industry. There’s no sign of it slowing down especially since sales is the lifeblood of every business. Linkedin has named Sales Development Rep as the FASTEST growing job in Singapore - Straits Times on 18th Jan 2023 - https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/jobs/these-are-the-fastest-growing-jobs-in-singapore-according-to-linkedin

Are there sales course fee subsidies - I.E Skillsfuture credits, or any government subsidy programme?

Unfortunately, the tech sales courses are not part of Singapore SkillsFuture and do not have any funding options available yet. As part of the pre-release batch, the fees will be competitively lower than those at the official launch.

When does the enrolment close for each intake?

Enrolment closes three weeks before each course start date so that we can begin sharing the e-learning and course materials for you to start learning.

Are there make-up classes if I can’t make it on some dates?

Unfortunately there will not be any make-up dates for any “LIVE online sessions” missed. Therefore we strongly encourage you to find a batch that works for you.

Referral Programme

Refer a friend and earn SGD$200.00 for every successful referral.

Will I receive a certificate by completing the program?

Yes, you will receive a Tech Sales Certificate (TSC) when you have completed all the said-requirements on the enrolment contract.

Real People, Real Results

30 days

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Average Salary (On-Target Earning)


Certified Tech Sales Graduates

Meet Our Graduates

Yong Xuan

Mid Career Switch -> SDR @DataDog

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University Graduate -> SDR @Multiplier

Haziq Yousuf

Mid Career Switch -> SDR @Dynamo

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Mid Career Switch -> SDR @StaffAny

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Hear what our graduates say about us. Google Review 5/5:
Sales School is a tech sales enabler, run by top performers in the industry who are dedicated to teaching you the basics of tech sales, to coaching you 1:1 until you land your tech sales role. They deliver on their promises and more! Highly recommended. Matthew...
Rinnea Lam
SDR @Carta
Sales School Singapore was instrumental in helping me break into the tech sales industry. Their program provided the knowledge and guidance I needed to take that crucial first step. The mentors were amazing, offering valuable insights...
Aspiring SDR
I recently completed a sales bootcamp at Sales School Singapore that was nothing short of transformative. The curriculum was comprehensive, covering everything you need to know for a solid start in tech sales. But what truly stood out... Read more
Allyson Kumar
SDR @Revinate
The course was very structured, informative and the instructors are actually very knowledgeable, relatable and professional in their teaching. The advice provided and mentor support definitely make a big difference in terms of securing a tec sales role. Highly...
Simon Foo
Aspiring SDR
If you're looking for an opportunity to be in Tech Sales, here is the place to go. 10/10 recommended! Matthew has been superb as an instructor and a mentor to look up to. I can't wait to start my new role in tech this month.
Calvin Goh
SDR @Deel
I had such an amazing experience with Sales School Singapore! The lessons were extremely well organized, they were informative, succinct and instructors were so willing to impart knowledge and insights within the industry...
Winifred Huang
Aspiring SDR